Helpie FAQ

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Who We Serve

  • Trusts, Endowments & Foundations

    We are well-versed in the singular challenges faced by endowments and nonprofits, and understand the responsibilities required to manage significant assets, while adhering to your organization’s mandate. We also understand the importance of your work and your desire to uphold your foundation’s mission in the years to come.

    Our team serves as an extension of the investment committee and provides critical support in helping to fulfill fiduciary responsibilities. We help our clients implement strategies designed to effectively manage their portfolio, stewardship duties and spending policy needs.

    Through tactical asset allocation, we develop adaptable portfolios that seek to meet the objectives of your Investment Policy Statement. Our advisors tap into our extensive resources and conduct objective research to find investment opportunities that we believe are worthwhile, align with your values and contribute to the sustainability of your foundation.

    Our relationship with you and your organization is ongoing, and we are diligent in reviewing and rebalancing portfolios to help ensure they stay consistent with your long-term goals. We’re as deeply invested in your foundation’s success as you are.

    Services Include

    • Due Diligence and Research
    • Selection of Institutional-Class Managers
    • Investment Policy Statement Review
    • Portfolio Management and Rebalancing
    • Spending policy needs, portfolio reviews and stewardship documentation
    • Knowledgeable support and guidance on regulatory standards
    Diversification and asset allocation do not ensure a profit or protect against a loss. Investing involves risk and you may incur a profit or loss regardless of strategy selected. Rebalancing a non-retirement account could be a taxable event that may increase your tax liability.
  • Families & Individuals

    We have had the privilege of guiding generations of clients, applying a consultative approach to managing the complexities that accompany wealth. Our offerings reflect the distinct needs of the families we serve, including coordination with other professional advisors such as CPAs and attorneys to help ensure our service is in harmony with all aspects of your life.


  • Retirees

    With retirees living longer, more active lives, it’s essential for your retirement plan to work for you, helping you enjoy the life you’ve envisioned while also mitigating risk that could make your portfolio vulnerable. We help pre-retirees and retirees overcome the challenges of such a profound lifestyle change.


  • Executives

    Your compensation plan as a corporate executive represents both a wealth of opportunity and a web of complexity. With your focus on the business, you need a partner to help you make the most of your benefits and pursue your personal financial goals. As your trusted guide, we will help you make informed decisions regarding deferred compensation plans and restricted stock. We can also design a tax-efficient, stress-tested portfolio for you that is not overly weighted toward your own company’s securities – so you can focus on living your life and leading with confidence.

     Learn more.

  • Business Owners


    As an entrepreneur, you have so much to plan for: your business, your family and your retirement. And it’s easy to get caught up in daily tasks and neglect your personal finances. That’s where we come in. We can help create a custom financial plan that is designed to address all your interwoven objectives, supporting your business and personal needs. Whether you want help with cash flow and tax efficiency or retirement and estate planning, we can be your guide.

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  • Women

    We are a women owned practice of financial advisors with 50 years of collective experience.   We’ve been through or seen it all at one point in our lives and careers: single, married, widowed, divorced.  We’ve been mothers, daughters, sisters, and caregivers.

    Working with women to tend to their financial lives has always been a major focus of our practice.  We help with all aspects of financial planning, saving and investing for retirement, and estate and family issues.  We believe it is imperative that women be prepared to take control of their financial lives now or in the future since as many as 90% of women will be responsible for their finances at some point in their lives.  We help our clients become confident decision-makers with careful planning and ongoing education.  Some of our clients are as interested in investing and financial matters as we are but many are not.  We know what it’s like to be thrown into something you’d rather not have to deal with and our best advice is to be as prepared as you can and get help when and where you can.

    We take the time with our clients to help them understand their statements and reports and get to know them and their needs from us as advisors.  We hold hands.  We do educational calls when they are requested.  We will spend as much time with you as you need.  Most importantly we will make sure you are prepared and informed and on the right track.  We are here to help.

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