Our Technology

One of the big advantages we have as an independent practice is the wealth of technology now available to us. In addition to the fantastic client reporting and other tools available to us on the Raymond James platform, we also have invested in:

  • eMoney is our in depth cash flow based financial planning platform that allows us to model complex scenarios, such as real estate purchases and sales; rental income, expenses and depreciation; the sale of a business, and much more for our clients; in addition to traditional goal based planning to monitor progress towards your retirement and other financial goals.
  • Morningstar Advisor Workstation provides us with in depth reporting and analysis on mutual funds, ETFs, and separately managed accounts, in addition to modeling hypothetical portfolios.
  • Fi360 gives us the ability to do enhanced due diligence on our stable of investment managers, mutual funds, and ETFs so that we can compare all of the investments you own to those that other clients own or that we are researching, in addition to traditional benchmarks.
  • Riskalyze allows us to analyze risk in client portfolios and help keep you informed and educated about the risks and expected rewards that your portfolio may provide.
  • YourStake provides all of the tools we need to help clients understand and grow their social and environmental impact through their investment portfolios.
  • Wealthbox is our client relationship management software that allows our entire team to stay informed about all of our clients, not just those whom we personally service. That way, whenever it is necessary, another advisor can be ready to step in if one of us is unavailable.
  • Calendly is software that Kathy is currently testing to make scheduling reviews and meetings over zoom, in person, or on the phone easier for everyone.
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