Scott M. Reisfeld

Scott M. Reisfeld

Financial Advisor

Focus and expertise

Our newest team member, Scott M. Reisfeld, is amazed that combining his deep love for truly getting to know people with his deep love for all things financial is something he can be paid to do.  We are excited to have him aboard and look forward to clients and prospects getting to know his intellect, humor, and ability to communicate complex ideas in a simple way.

As a member of Morgan Stanley’s Hedge Fund Analysis team during the depths of the financial crisis, Scott developed an appreciation for the complexity of the global financial system and is grateful for the opportunity to help individuals, families, and institutions navigate these ever-changing waters.

In addition to his time on Wall Street, Scott brings with him experience in the tax and software industries, as well as a deep and varied skillset gained from years spent as a stay-at-home father running multiple small businesses.  He hopes to serve as an example to and advocate for parents (particularly fathers) who would like their lives to include both a meaningful professional career and a break from that career to raise children.

Scott holds undergraduate degrees in Philosophy and Economics, both from the University of Michigan.  He was accepted into the Masters of Statistics program at Columbia University (but declined to instead care for his daughter).

He lives in the beautiful Berkshire Hills region of Western Massachusetts, with his wife, daughter, and many animals.  His outside interests include hiking, travel, sports, and quantitative trading system design.

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