Why Work With A CIMA Professional



  • Why work with a Certified Investment Management Analyst® professional?
  • Certified Investment Management Analyst® professionals are dedicated to elevating their practice through education, experience, examination and the highest standards of ethics. CIMA® professionals have the advanced investment management knowledge necessary to fully serve affluent clients, and they use that in-depth knowledge to analyze and select the investments that make the most sense for your circumstances.They understand the financial complexities and risks that come with being in a high tax bracket, are well-versed in modern concepts of investment advice, and are educated to understand how individual investments work together. They apply this knowledge to analyze and select the investments that make the most sense for your personal situation.Earning a CIMA® designation requires three years of experience in investment management consulting and completion of the demanding educational program put forth by the CIMA® board. To maintain this designation, CIMA® professionals must adhere to a rigorous code of professional responsibility and complete 40 hours of continuing education every two years.These skills, along with a commitment to advanced education, help enable them to provide you with the level of investment guidance you not only need, but deserve.
  • What is required to earn a CIMA® designation?
  • The CIMA® designation reflects completion and adherence to the four E’s: experience, education, examination and ethics.
  • Every investment consultant who has earned the CIMA® designation has at least three years of broad experience in the field of investment management consulting, has passed an extensive background check, and has completed the demanding educational program from a top-20 business school. Successful completion of a comprehensive examination is the final step in receiving the designation.

What does the IMCA® Code of Professional Responsibility mean to me?

The IMCA® Code of Professional Responsibility was adopted to promote and maintain the highest standard of personal and professional conduct in the investment and wealth management profession. The IMCA® Code serves to assure public confidence in the integrity and service offered by professional investment and wealth advisors. IMCA® professionals build trust, exhibit credibility, and foster accountability as they act in the best interest of clients. 

Ongoing Certification Requirements

To maintain their designation, CIMA® professionals must agree to and continually adhere to a rigorous code of professional responsibility and complete 40 hours of continuing education every two years.

Investment Management Consultants Association® (IMCA®) is the owner of the certification marks CIMA® and Certified Investment Management Analyst®.  Use of CIMA® or Certified Investment Management Analyst® signifies that the user has successfully completed IMCA’s® initial and ongoing credentialing requirements for investment management consultants.

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